Middle Creek Property Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new clients?

We strive to ensure that every client receives the appropriate time and staffing needed to create and maintain a beautiful property. Because of this, we are very careful not to overbook our schedule and we highly recommend reserving services well in advance.

  • Property maintenance scheduling:
    July – September for the following year.
  • Snow removal scheduling:
    July – October for the current year.

Are the products you use safe for pets and children?

Yes, we only use products that have been thoroughly researched and tested. We offer All Natural, Hybrid, and Traditional programs. All options are environmentally conscious and responsible application processes are used. All products are safe for pets and people; however, some products may recommend waiting for a specified timeframe before coming into direct contact with the treated area. In these instances, a yard sign or communication through your HOA will be used to provide details.

I live in an HOA you serve. How can I get a copy of your service schedule or details about the products you use?

Middle Creek Property Maintenance provides pre-and-post-service information to the homeowner’s association and all communication is processed through the HOA. Contact a member of the board for more details and to ensure you are on the appropriate email or communication lists.

You serve an HOA where I live. Can I add work to your schedule?

All work must be submitted through the Homeowner’s Association. Middle Creek Property Maintenance cannot submit work orders on behalf of the homeowner, add services, or do any additional work without this approval – even if the project seems very small.

Do you work with individual homeowners?

Our equipment and services are best suited for Homeowner’s Associations, commercial properties, and event venues such as wedding sites. We typically do not serve individual homeowners.

What plants and flowers are best for my property?

At Middle Creek Property Maintenance, we find that nature often provides the best solutions to common property problems. Before making a recommendation, we survey the property to understand sun exposure, soil composition, property usage, and your vision and goals. We then work with you to create a plan to maintain and showcase the beauty of your space and preserve your property.

Do you still offer coal and wood delivery?

No, we no longer offer this service.

Are you looking for help?

Please call us at 717-859-1180.